On Belonging And Trusting Faith

April 21, 2015

Ownership and The Experience of Everything

Does our own life actually belong to us? Do we have full ownership, full control over ourselves? Do we get to choose the way we’re born or the way we die? And to expand on this, is there ever an owner in any relationship?

I wander through my days laying claim to so many things. This is my husband, my kids, my dog, my yoga practice, my condo, my money, my life… but is it really? I love my husband dearly, but his journey is rooted in his own faith, his own experiences, his own journey–not mine. I can’t claim his journey as my own, or redirect him down a path that he doesn’t feel called to walk down. I can however, hide the cookies from him–and I do control that experience, at least at home (until he finds the stash).

In the past, I’ve been abrasive and assumed that my faith and beliefs had to be true for everyone else, because the experience of them felt so right to me. The reality is though, that my faith, it’s just an experience. I can’t own it. The only way faith can be put in a box to be defined is to ask my intuition, how does this feel right now?

Is belonging a feeling that we’ve developed to feel secure, to feel like we’re growing in value because we’re accumulating more expectations?

Someone else could lay claim to you, but does that mean that you actually belong to them? That once your defined as belonging to someone or something, you must act accordingly. Which I’ve adopted for quite some time of my life–28 years to be exact. I have a bone to pick with adopting a label of belonging to something or someone: It’s the expectations that are associated with needing to be a certain way. And when you start to live to fit into expectations, you take your finger off the pulse of who you truly are–at least I do. You overlook the unique being that faith promised to take care of, as long as you continued to trust that the space of unknowing (faith) would provide you with just enough belonging and security.

So, if we were created, what is it that we belong to? Stardust? Or nothing? Or with faith, do I belong to everything? Do we belong to energy? Or a unified, brilliant and spiritual experiment?

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One Thing I Do Religiously Every Month That Reminds Me To Be Present

April 14, 2015

Every month, I commit to spending a day really trying to soak in the present moment as best as I can–which makes me feel incredibly spiritual and strong. Thankfully, I don’t have to take the day off of work to retune myself and find the presence in each moment, though a day off would be totally welcomed and probably work almost as well. For those of us that work (almost) every day, there’s still a very accessible way for us to tap into “being present.”

So what is it? Strangely enough, I find that I can be deeply in the moment by committing to just one day of drinking cold-pressed juices, teas, water and a probiotic (no solid foods–unless my body can’t handle the cleanse for one reason or another). Even at work, with my phone on, when I’m checking social media, and answering emails I can still find this strong sense of presence within. A cleanse always heightens my awareness, gives my mind a break and my gut brain a much-needed timeout from it’s everyday job.

There’s something inquisitively odd that happens when I cleanse my body. When I’m on a juice cleanse, my mind becomes incredibly sharp–I feel very present, work becomes almost effortless and my energy level rises significantly.

Because of the noticeable benefits, many times have I done 5+ days of strict juicing. What I’ve learned along the way, is that it’s much more doable and affordable to break down those long, socially awkward “No, I can’t meet you because I can’t control myself around anything that can be chewed this week,” juice fasts into just cleansing for one day a month–which means at the end of the year I’ll have fasted for almost two whole weeks. For me, one day a month is totally doable and I find, socially appropriate.

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"Emily is an absolute joy to collaborate with. She brings the real conversation to the forefront about body image in such an authentic way. Our community left her Topless event feeling empowered & full of possibility!"

- Alison Utne, Lululemon Athletica

"Working with Emily is always so much fun (so much so that we've done it twice!). We love how she connects with her audience and exhibits true love for the companies she showcases, offering her own in-depth and authentic thoughts."

- Madeline Alcott, Petit Vour

"Working with Emily is a no-brainer. Her writing is brave but vulnerable, sassy but self-aware, and kind but tough. It's a joy to share her pieces with our community because so many readers tell us that they feel inspired and empowered by her choices."

- Mind Body Green

“Emily provided great insights and tips as she reflected on the value of seizing the moment in a wide variety of her experiences. In short, she "rocked!"

- MStephen C. Harper, Ph.D.

“Emily was a pleasure to work with on our Rescue Chocolate giveaway. She has built up an active community in a short period. I would do a giveaway or any project with her again in a heartbeat.“

- Sarah Gross, rescue chocolate

“Emily is as sweet as she is smart. She is a true beauty with a body that is powerful, loved, and strong. Doing a givewaway on My Kind of Life was so much fun, her community is filled with wonderful women just like her!”

-Leanne Maily Hilgart, Vaute Couture
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