Cramming Moments

December 16, 2014

Remembering What I Used To Know. There was a time when I used to know only what I knew. A time where my thoughts were unadulterated and unique. 28 years and many life lessons later, I’ve morphed into the woman I am today, from the many experiences that I’ve had.

Hypothetically speaking, we’re all robbed in life time and time again, until we learn how to lock our spirits up to prevent any more break-ins. Being robbed is like a part of life’s initiation into seeing what really matters–what’s real. Abusive marketing spreads that don’t represent real life, for years made me feel like I wasn’t good enough to be the woman that I am and the size I am…totally robbed of life. Starvation and diet plans that I let steal my joie de vivre…robbed again.

I’ve learned, for the most part, how to lock up my “spirit safe” and protect my heart from ever breaking in from someone else’s robbery. I am not a thief.

I just am. I am divine. That’s what I used to know.

This generation of compelling marketing campaigns and unattainable resolutions are not mine. I am letting go of what I’ve learned, my many initiations and life-robberies, and remembering what I used to know. Like my opinion of myself is the only one that matters. And that opinion is just as holy and sacred as your opinion of yourself.

After life’s initiations, I now run when my legs feel strong and eat before my stomach rumbles. I sweat every day, and in a way that fulfills me. I pray when I’m up and when I’m down. I buy things that make me feel and look like a million bucks—and I splurge on them because it falls under self-love. And there’s a lot of that going on in my household.

If I had one week left to live this is what I would do.

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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

December 9, 2014

I like to tell people that I’m like a fish. If it sparkles, I chase it. I love holiday gift reviews that keep my annual impulsive shopping sprees at bay (most of the time). I know if my husband had it his way, I would only buy from highly recommended gift lists and he’d ban me from ever wandering into a Bergdorf Goodman’s again. Fortunately for me, I can shop with the best of them online. And thank G-d Matt still thinks I’m shopping for Spunky on FarFetch.

Truth be told, I qualify as a, “therapeutic consumer.” Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the drool-inducing holiday sales on designer bags makes me lose all of my marbles. Last week, Matt had to pull me out of Neiman Marcus after he caught a glimpse of me draped in fancy handbags surrounded by sales ladies goading me into checking out how fabulous I looked in the mirror.
I can’t tell you why I fall prey to this amazing consumeristic feeling every year, but it feels so bad that it feels awesome. It’s the season where we can justify the total splurge because love made us do it. My next big purchase? A New Year’s Eve outfit…because I have to look fabulous on a night that everyone barely remembers. Why? Because love. Love is always the answer.

Here’s my 2014 list of the most sparkly, alluring holiday gifts that I personally use and always ensue a barrage of rosy-cheeked compliments. I promise, (most of these) fall into a sane buyer’s budget. xo

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The Most Important Part of My Business Plan

December 2, 2014

I’m a creative businesswoman.

I’ve been through plenty of exciting, “Create the life you want,” workshops, however I still feel like there is much more field to plow in the business arena for creative people.

Before I left for Europe, I reached out to model turned coveted art therapist, Gabi Torres, who guided me towards my goals in a more creative way. Gabi came over to my house with several size canvases, and mentioned she brought a big canvas because she knew I liked to play big (I liked her style already).

We proceeded to go through the images, trinkets and quotes that I preselected before our meeting, organizing the vision board pictures into the categories we noticed that I was selecting in my images: Work life, House, Style, Relationships, Spirituality, Goals, and Quotes.

We both then went onto my Pinterest board and printed out some more images that I wanted on my canvas, my soon-to-be vision board that I’d add to my business plan.

We started cutting out the pictures that I wanted for my life and I arranged them around the canvas in a way that creatively felt right. At first, I was skeptical and had a bit of fear wash over me; I hadn’t taken an art class since college. Gabi was kind and explained that any arrangement of images was perfect. Her response made me think about the divine energy, and how God always works through me (I was not to blame if the piece came out in a big blob).

I started gluing the images onto the vision board, beginning with the big, important pictures first. I clustered the images by category, and overlaid some of the categories when I felt it made sense, or looked nice. Click through to see what’s on my board, and how you can make your own.

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7 Powerful Mantras To Raise Your Self-Worth

November 18, 2014

I know you routinely think about the cards you were dealt in life—because I do, too.

I love quoting that life should rise to meet you. To help you understand what that means, I’ve life-hacked an easy way to trade in the hand of cards you were dealt in life, for the exciting hand that you’ve always wanted in only 40 days. I’m also giving you the 7 most powerful mantras that I personally use to avoid the massive mistakes in giving up too early. Later, you’ll learn how to use the mantras and you’ll be playing big right after your first exercise–the benefits are immediate.

So, life should rise to meet you.

What I really mean is, your dreams should rise to meet your self worth.

My dreams should rise to meet my worth. That sounds big.

And very interesting when applied to my own life.

This seemed like a great piece of inspiration to share with you until I started thinking about the way most women are wired: Big goals. Low self-esteem.

Not surprisingly as a teacher of self-confidence, I ended up turning this piece of inspiration around.

Our self-worth should rise up to meet our biggest dreams.

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3 Overlooked Ways To Become An Influential Teacher

November 11, 2014

I am a student of life. Always learning. Always growing. Ever changing. I’ve always been interested in being a student of life.

The other day, my Mom called me after she took Gallup’s Strengthsfinder–she too, is a student of life (getting her Ph.D in Resiliency at 53). She mentioned that in her strengths results, the Gallup experts shared that there should be an exchange of knowledge as a student of life. They explained that 50% of the time you should consume knowledge as a student, and the other 50% should be your tithing to world knowledge. Your giving back of what you’ve learned. Your teaching.

Teaching! Yikes, I only know consumption, or surrender, as a student of life. So, how do I become a teacher with influence?

What Gallup says, is that the science of giving back, of teaching, is greater than only sharing knowledge. Teaching what you’ve learned allows your brain to clear out and make room for new knowledge to retain. It can allow your brain to dump information you’ve already learned–another level of educational surrender, knowing that you don’t need to remember everything. You trust that the knowledge you’ve shared will always come back to you when you’re searching for it.

If you share the information as teacher, your student will share it as a teacher one day. It’s a beautiful, free exchange of information. And should you forget what you’ve taught, one day, because you started the train of information by teaching, you shall learn it again from another student that became a teacher.

Understanding this, I became interested very in teaching. What makes a teacher so influential? How can I go from proficient student to inspiring teacher?

I’ve travelled the world speaking about body image and self confidence, and never stopped to realized that I was teaching. I was sharing my information to start the heeling process for many–I always thought I must go through a professional training to become a teacher (I eventually took a yoga teacher training). After speaking to thousands of people, I’ve learned that to become a great teacher, you don’t need a diploma, you just need to hone these 3 overlooked ways to become a person of influence.

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"Emily is an absolute joy to collaborate with. She brings the real conversation to the forefront about body image in such an authentic way. Our community left her Topless event feeling empowered & full of possibility!"

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